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Cloud Computing Diagram, LeedsYour IT will be accessible anytime from anywhere and from multiple devices including computers, tablets and phones. Also with no initial cost outlay for hardware or software and a managed backup solution you can get back to doing the important things, like running your business.

Cloud Services

We offer a vast array of cloud services including cloud backup, cloud storage, cloud replication and many more, whatever your cloud needs we can provide a solution to fit. All our services are built on industry leading technologies such as Cisco, VMware and Microsoft all backed up by our state of the art backup solution.

Hosted Apps

Whilst increasing security and availability, when you host your applications with us you will also have total manageability and flexibility to add and remove users as you need them, as well as doing away with the upfront purchase cost of the hardware or software.

Hosted Email

By hosting your mail services in the cloud you can enjoy an enterprise level email solution for a low, regular monthly cost. Your mail will also be accessible anytime and from anywhere on many devices including computers, tablets and phones.

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